"I just didn't have a clue how to get everything organized in an efficient way, so your class and excel sheets are lifesavers!"

  • Works with picky eaters

  • Works with your food sensitivities and diet

  • Know exactly what to store and buy

  • Rotate easily without food going bad

Besides saving hours of frustration and overwhelm, you'll get:

You can 

  • Video tutorials guiding you through finding the best recipes

  • Tips for picking the best type of shelf-stable food choices and #10 can companies

  • How to put together a Food Storage Binder

  • The Food Storage Brain- an excel sheet ready for you to input your recipes, do the math for your food storage goal

  • Be able to take your food storage "needs" list with you on any spartphone device so you can keep track ofw hat you have and what you need

  • To the point, simplified videos my non-tech savvy parents were able to take this class and put their plan together in a small condo

  • Online private support Facebook group (or email availability if you don't do social media) to help answer your questions every step of the way

If you've been meaning to get a food storage finally accomplished, and are sick of feeling guilty or panicked you don't have one...


now is the time.


Start class, get your shopping list, keep it organized today for only $97.

You can 

"This does work! I download the Food Storage program, it was quite useful and helped me to think of things I probably wouldn't have but should have.I like the group because it's a comfortable group where you can ask questions and get feedback from women who have asked the same questions, solved them and share advice. I have belonged to a few groups on FB and this is one of the good ones."


“I feel like I have more control over food storage.  I’m empowered to make several plans as our needs change.  A recipe based food storage plan takes a bit of elbow grease, especially if you are on a budget, but it’s an incredible system to have.  The information is truly unique, strategies are sound and extremely helpful.”


“Before I started this journey, I didn’t even know where to begin and so starting was scary! But now that I’ve finished my plan I have not only knowledge but a start and that’s reassuring.”


A Word From My Students...

“Even though I already had a good supply of food stocked up, it made me think about the entire days worth of meals and what I need to store.  Although I had plenty of food, I lacked the things to make them delicious and useful.”


“Your recipe plans was a light bulb going off and I understood more what food storage was about.  About how I can use it, how I can buy it and use it effectively and it will save me space and money.”


"I have been doing everything to be prepared and have quite a few things to help, but it wasn’t until I found the Merrill Project that I really was not organized. Working with Charisse has put me on a track to getting a full year of pantry items and meals ready. Easy to understand, no pressure and very enjoyable group. I have learned so much."


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