Preparedness Hack

Looking to save space, paper, and frustration with your emergency binder? 

Trying to figure out how to keep everything (paper and digital photos and such) all in one spot?


Look no further, your dream has come true!


Quick watch how a digital (or electronic) emergency binder will change. your. life.


  • Access your binder without needing to be home.

    Just think... what happens to your house and you can't ever go back.  Where will you get all your info?  Having a digital binder in a bank safe or even in a safe at a family members house is now easy and takes up practically NO space.  

  • No bulky Binder.

    Small safe?  Short on space?  No problem.  Your digital binder can be stored on any device, mini SD card, USB, and it will save you on 100% more space than your binder.

  • Light in 72 hour kits. 

    No more lugging around a big binder in your 72 hour kit, or forgetting to grab it during an evacuation (this is my favorite part!).

  • Easy edits. 

    Instead of printing off a new sheet or scratching out old information to change one date, it's easy to just edit in your digital copies.

  • Great Gifts. 

    Not with YOUR information, but a blank digital binder is 100% easier to convince "non-preparedness" family members into being prepared.

Secure Order

256BIT – Encryption

30 Days

Money Back Guarantee

It was so nice how I could type everything in, and store all my digital photos all in one spot.  This saved me so much space and paper (esp. since I don't have a printer).  -Jan S.

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