Looking to save space, paper, and frustration 

with your emergency binder? 


Quick watch how a digital (or electronic) emergency binder will change. your. life.


  • Access your binder without needing to be home.

    Just think... what happens to your house and you can't ever go back.  Where will you get all your info?  Having a digital binder in a bank safe or even in a safe at a family members house is now easy and takes up practically NO space.  

  • No bulky Binder.

    Small safe?  Short on space?  No problem.  Your digital binder can be stored on any device, mini SD card, USB, and it will save you on 100% more space than your binder.

  • Light in 72 hour kits. 

    No more lugging around a big binder in your 72 hour kit, or forgetting to grab it during an evacuation (this is my favorite part!).

  • Easy edits. 

    Instead of printing off a new sheet or scratching out old information to change one date, it's easy to just edit in your digital copies.

  • Great Gifts. 

    Not with YOUR information, but a blank digital binder is 100% easier to convince "non-preparedness" family members into being prepared.

It was so nice how I could type everything in, and store all my digital photos all in one spot.  This saved me so much space and paper (esp. since I don't have a printer).  -Jan S.

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