"Every time I started food storage before...

it would be a huge flop"

  • Store food you know everyone would eat (picky eaters and healthy diets include).

  • Easy to use and rotate your food storage. 

  • Start getting a system in place to know what you need and how much.

Don't believe me?

How would it feel to have your food storage in place and organized? 


Mom of 5

Now I know I can build my own food storage.

"Learning about a recipe based food storage plan was like a light bulb going off.   I was already so confused with the different ideas out there and didn't want to store 500 lbs of wheat.  I felt so relieved when I learned about building a plan from my recipes and now know I really can build my own food storage. " 


Mom of 7

I've got more control and am empowered.

"I feel like I've got more control over my food storage.  At first I thought I needed someone to make me a plan, but now I know I can do it myself.  I'm more empowered to adjust and make changes I need." 


Mom of many not living at home anymore

Super easy set up.

"This program works.  It gets you going from all the ideas in your head to putting them on paper and then actually doing it!  I knew I had all the things I needed in storage, but this got me to organize, plan, put in the right place and have a flexible menu really for the whole year."  UPDATE 3/20 "Thank you for your great advice and teachings that helped us get our food storage ready.  We're content to stay at home, and have plenty to help others with."


Mom of 2

Super easy set up.

"The class made the food storage set up super easy!  I know now what, how much and where (mostly) all of my food storage will go and do!"